Thursday, January 28, 2010

SCBWI WWA Master Class Assignment from Tim Gillner

So, the other day, I received in my email a pdf and assignment from Tim Gillner for the SCBWI Illustrator's Master Class - our mission, should we choose to accept it (like we'd refuse) was to select one of the five stories included in the pdf to design and illustrate a cover for. What fun!

I ended up choosing It Feels Like Snow by Nancy Cote because I related to the main character, Alice, who feels the impending snows in various places on her body - her big toe, her nose, her elbow. Having what I call "barometer back" I felt a certain sympathy for her ;)

So, this is the first stage - sketch out the characters and cover, and ship it off for crits. Will post whatever feedback I receive when it comes in!

Also, if you have not had a chance, or didn't know about it, stop over at and check out the bi-weekly activities they have there. Creature Planet(s), an activity centered on creature design, hosted by Mike Corriero is a lot of fun, and so is Story Tellers, an activity for cover art of various types hosted by yours' truly. This round we're doing a mock cover for the Hobbit!